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Fantastic catching day

Day 2 with Lamar and John was fantastic. The plan was to catch some sheepshead. But on the way out, we noticed some birds working and what do you know, the speckled trout were hungry. We put a quick 40 in the box and then headed to catch some sheepshead. After a couple stops we found the mother load and had them coming in every cast. It was double and triple hook ups till we filled the big K2 cooler with sheepshead, black drum and our 3 bull reds. But this wasn’t it, we decided to stop on the way in and found the redfish stacked where we had left them biting yesterday, to finish off our limit of redfish. What a day, we managed to have fish overflowing from two boxes. Thank you Lord for this wonderful day. Give me a call to come experience a day like this. 985-438-5041.

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