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I wanted to incorporate a little personal history into my recipes page and I couldn’t think of anyone better to represent this than my great grandfather, Senator Allen J. Ellender.  Senator Ellender started off his career in Houma, LA as a lawyer and finished it as The President pro tempore of The United States Senate.  He had a long and prosperous career and served in the Senate up until he died in 1972.

Senator Ellender was known for his influence when serving as the chairman of the Agriculture Committee, but more importantly when referring to this recipe page, he was an outstanding cook.  Presidents and their First Ladies have been guests of honor at the Senator’s famous gumbo luncheons in Washington D. C.  In fact, President Nixon, after a third helping of his Creole specialties, went right back to the White House and issued a proclamation declaring Senator Ellender to be the nation’s “Chef Supreme.”

These recipes and information that I am posting are from a pamphlet that Senator Ellender used for his reelection campaign.  

These are great recipes, but some may not be as informative as one would like.  If you have any questions, please give me a call and I will do my best to coach you along.  

I also love to cook and have become the cook of my family.  I often find myself using Chef John Folse’s cookbooks when I am wanting to try new things.  He has a ton of great recipes in his cookbooks and I highly recommend purchasing one if you do not have one already.    

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