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Cold weather redfish

The last two days we had The Oklahoma Crew fishing with us and man was it tough conditions. Rain, wind, and cold air made you think twice about going, but knowing these guys drove down, we gave it a try. The first day was wet. We waited till 11 to leave because of the heavier rains. After trying a few spots and finding nothing but dirty water, we made a move and found some decent water. Well that was the ticket, as we started catching fish. After the day was done, we caught a ton of throwbacks and put together a decent box.

Today was different, it was cold but the winds were not quite as bad. The different part was the bite, it was smoking hot. Once we found the fish, we went from a goose egg to our limit in a matter of 30 mins. All I can say is thank you Jesus! These boys got to experience what a redfish slam is all about and that made being cold quite pleasant. After all the boats were back, we had 85 redfish hit the dock by lunch.

I wanted to thank Capt-Tim Ortego, Austin Lacour, Olden Rodrigue, and Anthony Kyzar for helping out with the other guys.

I had a last minute cancellation for Friday if anyone is looking to get in on this action. Give me a call to book your trip. 985-438-5041

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